Robot Welding

At Infinite Engineering, we provide robotic welding services to our component manufacturers as part of our full service system. Some of our customers only want our robot welding services and we are happy to offer this as a standalone service. Robot welding is an essential component of most manufacturing lines and we take great pride in the results we achieve from the programs controlled by our robotic machines. Our staff is highly experienced in manufacturing processes and in achieving accuracy in the production of your goods.

The most common industries to use this service are construction, transport and manufacturing. Traditionally, robot welding has been associated with the automotive production lines and we regularly use our robot welders to create components that are required by this industry. Manufacturing customers like the speed, precision and efficiency that you can achieve with robot welders as well as the lower cost that components can be manufactured at. Our valued construction industry customers like using robotic automated welding systems to create robust components for their large building projects without the excessive cost associated with traditional welding.
We regularly carry a stock of metals and may be able to start your order immediately. Call now to discuss your robot welding requirements with us to see if we can start your job today.