Steel Fabrication

Infinite Engineering works with the construction and automotive industries to complete their steel fabrication needs. Our clients include major Australian property developers, transport manufacturers and other manufacturing companies. We pride ourselves on the precision of our work and we use the latest techniques to produce precision engineered steel structures.
As part of our commitment to quality, we have gained the ISO 9001 certification and many of our customers require this level of precision engineering. We have specialists for each of our machining divisions and our ownership team are all experienced and qualified production engineers in their own rights. Not only do we work with our clients to provide a precision result but we also work on their supply chain requirements.
The machines we use for our steel fabrication work include welders, robot welders, laser cutters, and for smaller components, CNC turning and CNC milling machines. Most of our steel fabrication customers use only our welding and laser cutting services. An example of our fabrication work includes structural sections of a stairwell. Not only does this steel need to be structural sound but it also needs to look good and fit into the overall modern feel of an office or an apartment building. Our welders take great pride not only in joining the steel securely but also in providing a clean and visually appealing finish.
Our factories carry enough stock to start most steel fabrication jobs on the same day we receive your request and drawings. This means that our turnaround time is much faster and we can produce precision work straight away.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Some of our manufacturing customers rely on our stainless steel fabrication services as part of their assembly line. We make the components and can even assemble the parts into a product or simply supply our customers with the components so they can complete the process in their own factory.
An example of our stainless steel fabrication work would be the base of an office chair. We use laser cutting machines to cut the sections we need and then place stainless steel rods into our CNC turning machines to make the smaller components. This is then combined with other more complicated components made in our CNC milling machines which are assembled together before being welded by our robot welders. This is a very basic example but it gives you an idea of something we can complete quickly and easily.

Mild Steel Fabrication

At Infinite Engineering, we receive many requests for mild steel fabrication services. Our customers send through their CAD drawings and we program our machines to produce the mild steel components they require.

Call us today so we can get your steel fabrication work done immediately.