Aluminium Fabrication

Infinite Engineering offers aluminium fabrication services to multiple industries in Melbourne. The majority of our clients are involved in the marine, manufacturing and transportation industries. Aluminium fabrication is not just the assembly of parts it is the welding of these pieces into a complete product. Our experienced engineers will assist you in designing a process that will allow us to complete your manufactured items quickly and accurately.

We have a range of machinery available to assist with your aluminium fabrication project including CNC turning, CNC milling, welding, robot welding, laser cutting and parts assembly. Many of our clients choose our services because we are able to complete the required project at the one location.
We carry a range of commonly used aluminium structural pieces and can mostly start your order on the same day we receive you CAD drawings or order specifications. Many larger projects require additional materials which can be provided or we can source them on your behalf through our trusted partners.

An example of aluminium fabrication in the manufacturing industry is safety equipment such as portable stairs and gangways. These are made by using our laser cutting services to cut some of the pieces to size and our robot welding services to join the pieces precisely into a finished product. An example of aluminium fabrication in the transport industry is decks and frameworks for trailers.

Infinite Engineering is a precision engineering workshop who has been recognised with the ISO 9001 certification. This is a minimum standard that we thoroughly exceed on all our aluminium fabrication projects. Many of our customers have manufacturing requirements that require working with businesses that carry the ISO 9001 certification and we work with them to produce repeatable precision components.
Send us your drawings or call one of our experienced machining engineers who will be able to help you with your aluminium fabrication needs immediately.