Metal Fabrication

Infinite Engineering provides a wide variety of metal fabrication services. Due to our wide range of services, we can provide a complete metal fabrication solution for any business. Metal fabrication is more than just the assembly of parts; it’s the entire process of creating the parts and the assembly of these parts into a finished product, all of which we specialise in.

While our business offers a range of solutions for our clients, we do also run specialists in each of our areas to ensure that our customers get a precision-based finished product. From our laser cutting team to our CNC milling and turning teams and our welding team, both robotic and human, we have specialists at every turn to ensure our high quality standards are maintained at every level. Overseeing these teams, we have highly experienced engineers who are skilled in metal fabrication and manufacturing processes.

The majority of metal fabrication we do is with varieties of steel, whether these be stainless, mild steel or other alloys; we can also do metal fabrication work with aluminium. We carry these materials in stock so we can start your job straight away as soon as we receive your designs. Many customers supply pieces of the components; sometimes customers even supply the specific steel that they want us to use to manufacture their components.

An example of metal fabrication work that we can do for you is a constant velocity joint (CV joint). We can create all the components required on our CNC turning machines and then join these components together using rivets. These CV joints are made in many sizes and have applications in the car industry as well as small motor driven home appliances.
Call us today and talk to our experienced engineers about a metal fabrication solution for your business.