Plastic Machining

At Infinite Engineering, we provide precision plastic machining services to our valued customers.

We can use CNC milling, CNC turning and/or laser cutting machinery to create the components you need. In addition, we can provide an assembly of parts service for their businesses. Our customers appreciate both our precision engineering and our ability to provide this full range of services for their business.
Most common industries to use our plastic machining services are automotive, medical, transport, building/construction industries. These industries use components made from Delrin/Acetal and Nylon.

Delrin Machining

Delron is a type of hard plastic that we use to make plastic components for some of our customers. Delron machining is where we use delron in our CNC milling and CNC turning machines to create the required components.

Acetal Machining

Acetal is a hard engineering plastic with high tensile strength and rigidity that we make components out of in our machines. We provide acetal machining services regularly for many of our customers. See examples above.

Nylon Machining

At Infinite Engineering, we also offer nylon machining as part of our plastic machining solutions.

As part of our work with the transport and architecture industries, we chose to become ISO 9001 compliant. This certification shows our commitment to quality and precision that we continuously provide to our customers.

Infinite Engineering carries a wide range of plastics ready for manufacturing to your requirements. Contact us now so we can start your order today.