CNC Turning

At Infinite Engineering, we pride ourselves on the state-of-the-art machines that we use. However, what really sets Infinite Engineering apart is that our customers deal with the owners who are engineers and understand how to achieve precision results on time consistently, and at affordable rates. Whether you have a small or large job that needs to be completed immediately or next week talk to us as we may be able to start your job today. We can offer this flexibility to our customers because we carry all commonly used materials ready for those ‘rush’ jobs.

Common Industries we deal with include automotive manufacturers, inventors, government departments, retail manufacturers and building/construction companies. These customers appreciate our ability to provide completed components to a high quality standard using our CNC turning, CNC milling, welding, robot welding and laser cutting machines. This means we can provide all types of components for all their manufacturing needs.
Our CNC turning machines regularly use aluminium, plastic, delrin, acetal, steel and stainless steel. Customers wishing to create components with different materials can either supply the compound or we can source it directly from our suppliers.
Call now and speak to one of our qualified and experienced staff about your CNC turning requirements.